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What is Hector Finance?

Hector Finance is a project which operates on the Fantom Opera Chain. We are developing a number of usecases within the Hector Ecosystem. Over 2022 Hector aims to expand to become multi-chain.

Our Subprojects

There are several "subprojects" within the Hector Finance Ecosytem:
​The TOR Stablecoin​
​Hector Bank​
​Hector Validators​
Some subprojects are still in development:
​Hector NFT​
​Hector Launch​
​Hector University​
​Hector Pay​

Hector Finance was a recipient of the Fantom Foundation Incentives Grant

From February through March 2022, Hector Finance was a recipient of the Fantom Foundation Incentives Grant. Each month, the Fantom Foundation gave a portion of it's tokens to the project to fund it.
More information about the grant can be found here.​

Hector Finance has been audited

Hector Finance has been audited by Certik.

There are three main aims of Hector Finance

To become a centre in the Fantom space and beyond

Hector Finance will position itself as a financial centre to facilitate a multitude of use cases within the Fantom ecosystem.

To aid the growth of the Fantom Opera Chain by producing high quality products and providing value

We love the Fantom Opera Chain. We love the functionality, ease-of-use, and speed. We love how scalable it is. We think the Fantom ecosystem presents a significant opportunity for growth, and we want to help that happen. To date we’ve donated thousands of FTM tokens (about 4,000 at the time of writing this) to new users of the Fantom network in order to help them with their first transactions. When you consider that we give 0.1FTM per transaction. That means we’ve paid for the first transactions of up to 40,000 wallets in the network.

To do something that matters

Users have placed a great deal of trust into the project and team. This is something that we will never take for granted. Every decision we make is made with long-term growth in mind.

How do I buy HEC?

We find that most of our users are not yet on the Fantom Opera Chain. Therefore, we have written a series of guides on how to bring funds from other networks into HEC.
Please check the "HOW TO BUY" section on the left.