Stake Your HEC (3,3)
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By staking your HEC with Hector Finance, you receive sHEC (staked HEC) in return at a 1:1 ratio. After that, your sHEC balance will increase automatically on every epoch (every 8 hours there is a rebase) based on the current APY.

How to buy $HEC

Please check on our How To Buy section of our documentation.

Visit the Hector Finance website

Visit our Dashboard.
The Dashboard will show key metrics like TVL and HEC price.

Click "Stake" on the left

This will take you to the Staking interface.

Connect your wallet, approve, and stake!

The first time you stake, you will need to approve the staking mechanism. This will take a few seconds and will cost a small amount of FTM.

Remember to add sHEC to your wallet by hovering over the button at the top right

To unstake, just click "Unstake" on the staking interface

As with staking, you will need to approve this mechanism first.